Entrepreneur John makes the international-grade wine

John Chang , born in Taiwan, is the founder and wine maker of Lulu Island Winery. John immigrated to Canada in 1995 and started making wine with his wife since 1996. In 2000, he founded the Blossom Winery then started the Lulu Island Winery in 2007. 

John who is influenced by his father as a farmer, has the practical and down-to-earth personality, and realizes to live in peace with the nature. John, at the age of 40 then, and his wife decided to immigrate to Canada in 1995 to enjoy the beautiful scenery after they traveled in Canada in 1992. 

John restarted from the ground in Canada to show his spirit of adventure as an entrepreneur and decided to spend the rest of his life on farming and making wine. He tried to study the skills of making good wine, Leaving behind all his achievements he had made in Taiwan, John started to master brewing skills humbly, just like our fathers, always stooping down at the King of the Earth before everying planting season.  John likes to walk his lovely dog at the vineyard behind the winery as he thinks about the future of the winery. “I hope the high quality of grape in British Columbia can be known around the world and make a good sample for immigrant entrepreneurs,” said John. His dream, with the high quality of grapes in Okanagan Valley, finally turns into the good wine. 

John was awarded with the prizes such as “B.C. New Canadian Entrepreneur Awards” and “The Best Partner of Tourism Richmond.”

 John Chang has the privilege to be invited by Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, to visit China in the February of 2012. 

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